Twin Flame (Love)
Sacred Anointing Candle


Use this candle to remove any barriers and help clear your path to find love.

Ideal for use when seeking a soul mate or your twin flame.

Affirmation Reads:

The mist will clear, we both will see, the one I seek is seeking me. With open heart and focused aim, clear the path to my twin flame.

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Pink unscented pillar candle, blessed with intentions to find or attract love. This candle comes packaged  in a reusable silver tin, containing a 2ml bottle of essential Love anointing oil and full instructions for use. Vegan and cruelty free, cotton wick. 35-40 hrs burn time.

Anointing oil contains;

Grapeseed as a carrier oil, Ylang Ylang, Orange & Patchouli.


Additional Information
Candle approx. weight


Candle approx. dimensions 

W 50mm x H 120mm

Outer tin packaging 

76(D) x 157 (H) mm

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Sacred Anointing Candle”

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