Not just a candle

At Three Moon Candles I create beautiful energetically charged candles using quality waxes, oils and ethically sourced crystals. By infusing individual magic and blessings into each candle, they becoming a source of direct light and intention, opening a door of support for each person to draw on their inner power in order to forge their own path. When used with the anointing oils each candle becomes a sacred item to be used for your own specific intention.

Every candle is handmade in a beautiful rural area in the south east of Ireland. I hope that these very special candles bring light and blessings into your life, as they have mine.

Affirmation Candles
chakras candles

Chakra Range

To work with the energy of the Chakras


Archangel Range

To work with the energy of the Archangels

affirmation candles

Affirmation Range

To work with the power of Affirmations


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